Weigh In – 12/5/16

Actually, I weighed in on Saturday, as will be the case going forward in this attempt at getting healthy. I weighed in at 233 pounds, which is a loss of a little over four pounds.

That’s pretty rapid, but that tends to happen when I change the way I’m eating so drastically. I haven’t had any soda in the past 10 days, and I’ve only had one cheeseburger. I mean…I was on a 4 cheeseburger (at least) a week diet before I decided that that was probably excessive.


Weigh In – 7/1/15

It’s been a little while since I’ve written, so I wanted to check in with a weigh in post, and there will also be a short accountability post.

I weighed in this morning, and the scale showed me that I’ve lost another two pounds. Those two pounds were a little slower coming off than the previous 25, but I’ve got some ideas about why that is, which will make up the accountability post.

So, my weight as of July 1 is 198 pounds. I’m pretty happy with that, and will try and keep it going.

Weigh In – Milestone Monday

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” – Rose Kennedy

Mrs. Kennedy is right. Milestones aren’t how we should judge our lives, but they can be helpful when trying to reach a goal.

Today I reached one of my milestones. I weighed in this morning, and I am at 200 pounds. That represents a 25 pound loss since I started this journey approximately 6 weeks ago. I am hopeful that I will continue to be as successful as I have been recently, and that sooner rather than later, I will reach my goals.

Weigh In – 6/2/15

As I detailed in yesterday’s weekly accountability post, last week had some struggles, but I felt generally pretty good about it.

The scale has confirmed how I felt.

I weighed in this morning at 205 pounds, which is the least I’ve weighed since probably 2010 or so.

That’s pretty exciting. Next stop: that magical 200 lb mark!

Weigh in and weekly accountability – 5/26/15

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

This weekend was Denver Comic Con, and my wife and I attended all three days of the festivities. I had some successes and some failures in terms of my eating habits, but what I can tell you is this…we walked…a lot. If you’d like to hear more about the con, I urge you to listen to this week’s episode of Podvocacy, where I’ll share my thoughts and memories from my first con experience. It should be out sometime tonight.

I didn’t quite make it two weeks without eating meat. By the time we ate dinner on Saturday night, I was really hungry, and hadn’t had much protein, and there wasn’t a lot of options for non meat protein. We opted for sub sandwiches from Which Wich?, which was in the Denver Convention Center complex. After trying to make up my mind, and looking at their nutrition contents on the website, I opted for a BLT lettuce wrap, instead of on bread. That saved me some carbs and calories, so the trade off for meat wasn’t too bad. I also opted for light mayo, which helped cut down the calories as well, and tasted fine.

I also had some issues yesterday, as my wife and I went to a local diner for lunch and had some great (although high in calorie) food. The biggest problem was that their portions were huge…but delicious. I was willing to make the trade, however, and I was able to do without meat.

In terms of success, I really only have one thing to say: I weighed in yesterday, and I’m down to 212 pounds, which is 13 pounds over all.

In keeping with the Churchill quote, I’m neither satisfied by my successes, nor am I disappointed by my failures. In fact, I just kind of laughed when I saw how much I was eating yesterday. I figure that as long as it’s the exception, I’m doing okay.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.