Weekly Accountability – 6/22/15

“We can’t blame the technology when we make mistakes.” – Tim Berners-Lee

For my wedding anniversary, my wife bought me something that is, ostensibly, supposed to help me with losing weight. It’s called a Misfit Shine, and it’s something that she bought for herself a few months ago, and has enjoyed using. Misfit is basically a competitor to FitBit, and the Shine is a small disc shaped fitness tracker that can be worn a number of ways.

I wear it on my wrist as a fitness band, and it does (I think) a pretty good job of tracking activity as well as sleep. As an added bonus, it syncs with MyFitnessPal, and plugs the calories I’ve burned through activity into my MyFitnessPal profile. I’ve been using it for a little less than a week, so I’ve only got a small sample size to work with, but I really enjoy this new technology. I’m looking forward to seeing how accurate it is, and if it will actually help me continue to lose weight.

As far as last week goes, it had its ups and downs. I had a few days where I wasn’t as good as I should have been in terms of calories, and I had a couple of days where I was way under where I should have been. For the week, I was under my calorie budget, but that’s partially because of Saturday, when I didn’t eat very much and worked out twice.

Calorie Diary – 6/15-6/21
Budget: 130901
Total consumed: 12277


1. This is adjusted by MyFitnessPal for the exercise that was entered.


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