Weekly Accountability – 6/1/15

“I could still eat a cheeseburger if I wanted to. I just can’t have them every day.” – Drew Carey

It’s been over three weeks since I’ve had a cheeseburger…which is exactly what my decree that I was going to stop eating meat was meant to do. It was meant to make me take more seriously the things that I eat. Do I still mess up from time to time? Yes, I do. I went over my calorie count on two separate days this week. As I talked about last week, I ate too much at Sam’s No. 3 on Memorial Day. I also went over my calorie budget on Saturday, because I had a slice of cheese pizza at an event that a buddy of mine and I went to.

Here’s the thing about that particular failure, though. It wasn’t a failure. I made a choice. I knew it would put me over my calorie budget, but I chose to do it for two reasons. First, it was part of a fundraiser, and the money would be going to a good cause. Second, I was still hungry, and I figured one piece of pizza wasn’t going to kill me. In fact, I think the fact that I ate one piece of cheese pizza, instead of three pieces of pepperoni pizza is a pretty big win. I also chose to have a bottle of water instead of soda. That may sound like rationalization, and maybe it is, but I’m okay with that.

Even with those two days of going over my calorie budget, I was still under for the week, which I feel is a pretty big win. One or two bad days aren’t going to kill me, especially when I’m doing so well the other five or six days.

I forgot to weigh in before I left the house this morning, so look for a weigh in post tomorrow.

Weekly calorie diary – 5/25-5/31

Budget: 107261
Total consumed: 10504


1. This is adjusted by MyFitnessPal for the exercise that I entered.


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