Accountabililty – 5/22/15

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. – Henry David Thoreau

Sorry for no update yesterday. I got a little bogged down at work, plus at one point the internet in the office was down. I have stayed under my calorie count both days with very little struggle. I haven’t really been feeling hungry, and I’ve passed the ten day mark without eating meat.

I even went to Pei Wei on Wednesday night, which could be a bit tricky, since I’ve never gone there and not gotten meat. One of the things that did buoy me about going there is that I love their edamame. I ended up getting a large order and a vegetable spring roll with sweet chili sauce. Wow! Their vegetable spring rolls, which I hadn’t had prior, are delicious.

Last night, I had dinner with the family, and we had a six cheese lasagna that my wife bought during a Safeway going out of business sale. I really enjoyed it, and I was very careful measuring out my portion so I knew exactly how much I was eating. The one mistake I did make over these couple of days was at Subway for lunch yesterday. I had my veggie sub on the Italian Herb and Cheese bread, which carries 80 more calories1 than the 9 grain wheat bread.

Even with that, though, I stayed under my calorie count on both days. I feel like I should be able to keep that streak today, although Denver Comic Con is looming over the weekend, and it will be interesting to see how I do in that environment.

Calorie Diary – 10/20, 10/21

Budget: 16902
Total consumed: 1471

Budget: 17082
Total consumed: 1615


1. This is for the foot long, which I decided to treat myself to yesterday.
2. This is adjusted by MyFitnessPal for the exercise that I entered.


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