Les Miserables – The Introduction of Javert

This morning, I got to the portion of Les Miserables that I was looking forward to, the introduction of Police Inspector Javert. Hugo spends almost an entire chapter devoted to both his physical presence and his mental/emotional makeup.

As I read through this section of the book, I am highlighting passages that I think could be important to me as I construct my version of the character for the production in March. One of the things I’ve highlighted involves Javert’s belief that because he was born outside the norms of society, he would be excluded from it forever:

As he grew up, he thought that he was outside the pale of society, and he despaired of ever re-entering it. He observed that society unpardoningly excludes two classes of men – those who attack it and those who guard it; he had no choice except between these two classes.

I find this idea interesting, and it is certainly something that can help me build a performance.


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