A slow start – 12/2/14

As I wrote last night, I’m back to tracking my calories. And track them yesterday, I did…and I kept tracking them. I may have overdone it a bit, but I was really hungry. I ended up having 2 grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner last night, which was a bad decision.

I’m hoping to make up for that the rest of the week. I am back to exercising, though, which is a good thing. The one thing I worry about now is how my losing weight will affect my costumes for Les Miserables. I should probably try and talk to the costumer about that this weekend.

Here’s the skinny (pun intended…if not exactly applicable) on what happened yesterday:

Calorie Diary: 12/1/14
Budget: 1688
Total Calories: 2212

I also did 30 minutes of straight cardio yesterday, and I’m hoping to get back on the DDP Yoga wagon tomorrow.

Have a great day!


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