Weekly accountability – 11/10/14

So, last week was a tough week. I had four out of the five work days off last week, because I had vacation time that I needed to burn. Unfortunately, this meant that in addition to eating out of stress, I was also eating out of boredom. That is another bad habit of mine that shows itself at times…and last week was one of those times.

So last week was kind of a mess food wise. My intention is to get back on the horse this week, starting today. This has also been an issue of mine, in terms of trying to lose weight in the past. I used to get to the point where I had one bad day, or a bad week, and I was like, “Well, I should just give up, because I can’t do it.” What a terrible, defeatist attitude that is…although it did allow me to eat more cheeseburgers and drink more soda. One high point of the bad week, though, is that I still haven’t had a soda, and it’s almost been six weeks.

As I can now see, one bad week doesn’t mess up the previous month of success that I’ve had leading to this point. So, I’ll be back with my daily accountability posts, starting tomorrow, which will also feature a weigh-in post.

Have a great day!


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