Weekly accountability – 11/3/14

Well, that last week was kind of difficult to get through. I didn’t do extremely well with calories, going over my budget on three different days.

Weekly Calorie Diary: 10/27-11/2
Budget: 11956
Calories: 11901

My daily budget was 1708 and I ended up with about a 1700 calorie per day average. In the long term, I suppose that’s reasonable, but each day was sort of a struggle to make good choices. Although, I felt like I had a pretty good day yesterday, because I hit the dreaded “plans will go awry” issue.

My band had a gig in downtown Denver last night at the Mercury Cafe for their weekly Sunday Swing Night. This is a monthly gig, and I typically go downtown early and walk around 16th Street Mall and find something to eat.

My plan last night was to have a steak salad from Chipotle, which is under three hundred calories. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know is that the Chipotle on 16th is not open on Sundays. My immediate thought was, okay I’ll try their closest competitor, Qdoba. Unfortunately, when I got to Qdoba, they had already locked the door and turned out most of the lights1.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Iced tea is my new addiction. This giant bottle helped me get through overtime on Saturday morning.

I found my solace on the next block, however, because I knew I could get a salad from Panera. They were open until 8:00, and the warm glow of their well lit interior beckoned me. I ordered a half Greek salad with chicken2, and an apple, which was about 350 calories, and was really filling. I also had a glass of iced tea, which after almost 5 weeks of no soda has become my new addiction. So, I owe a debt of gratitude to the Panera on 16th Street in Denver, because if they weren’t open until 8:00, I probably would have gone over my calorie budget for a 4th out of 7 days.

Again, thanks for reading and have a great day!


1. It was 6:50 pm, and they weren’t supposed to close until 7:00. #frustrating
2. I used to be a pretty hardcore fan of Caesar salads, but over the past year or so, I’ve become really enamored of Greek salads. I love the way the Greek dressing melds with the feta cheese.


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