Halloween – 11/1/14

Well, considering how I usually eat on Halloween, I think I did a pretty good job yesterday.

Calorie diary: 10/31/14
Budget: 1708
Total calories: 1999

Yes, I went over my budget by 291, but I only had one small piece of candy, and I didn’t go overboard with my breakfast for dinner plans. We did end up going to IHOP for dinner, because of their “Free Scary Face Pancake” promotion for Halloween. I did have some pancakes, but I didn’t go overboard on the syrup or the butter. I count that as a win.

The candy thing is a bigger deal, though. I like candy, especially things like Nerds and Sweetarts. My kids are very good about sharing their candy, and I typically overindulge on the sweets on Halloween. This year, I didn’t do that. I literally had one small Sweetart. That’s a huge win.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a happy Halloween.


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