Pizza, man…

There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap. – Kevin James

Amen to that.

This is pretty much the same story as the last couple of weeks. We have something that I love, and I make the choice to eat more than I should. Last night, as you could probably figure out from the title of the post, it was pizza. I just couldn’t resist my favorite combination of toppings, pepperoni, sausage and green peppers.

As always, though, it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get up. Today will be a better day than yesterday, and I’ll make sure I make better choices. I did get back up from my setback with DDP Yoga on Monday. I got up this morning and did the “Energy” routine, and pushed myself to do it better than I’ve done it before.

Calorie Diary: 10/28/14
Budget: 1708
Total calories: 21461

Again, thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day.


1. I have noticed that even when I am indulging, it’s less than I normally would have before I started trying to make these changes. So, even in my “failures” there are positives.


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