Setback – 10/28/14

The basic point of this blog is to keep myself accountable, primarily to myself. That means I have to celebrate my successes 1, but it also means that I need to admit my failures. That’s not always the easiest thing for me to do…but here it goes.

Yesterday was the first time since I started that I missed a scheduled day of DDP Yoga. I was supposed to do the “Energy” routine, but I overslept in the morning, which is when I typically work out. The kids are back in school, which means I had to go pick them up, so I couldn’t do it right after work. I usually take my kids over to my mother-in-law’s house after school so they can spend some time with her and their cousin. My intention was to work out when I got home, but the weather in Denver turned very quickly. We went from sunny with a high of 77 on Sunday to rainy with a high of 59 yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the weather was going to change so dramatically, and we left our windows open. I’ve been in commercial walk in coolers that were warmer than our house at 3:45 yesterday afternoon. The temperature caused me to want to do nothing more than cuddle under a blanket…which I did. I knew what I should have been doing, but I didn’t do it. That’s what I call a setback.

I did manage to stay under my calorie budget for the day, and I’ll have an opportunity to right the exercise ship tomorrow, by getting back on track. Who knows…maybe I’ll even add in some additional exercise to make up for yesterday.

Calorie Diary: 10/27/14
Budget: 17082
Total Calories: 1597


1. See yesterday’s weigh in.
2. The Lose It app changes the calorie budget as you lose weight.


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