Bi-Weekly Weigh In – 10/27/14

Two weeks ago, when I did my first “weigh in” post, I pointed out that the weight I had lost came with a caveat, that being the fact that I was comparing the ultra-accurate doctor’s scale with a run of the mill bathroom scale. I also pointed out that the proof would be in comparing the bathroom scale to itself on my next weigh in.

Well, today was the “next weigh in.” I felt pretty good even before I stepped on the scale. My jeans and other clothes have started feeling a little bit looser, and so I felt like I’ve made some progress. The question was, would the scale show that progress, since numbers are pretty important on a journey like the one I’m on.

Luckily, the scale gave me some good news. On October 13, I weighed in at 218 pounds. Two weeks later, I’m down another five pounds to 213. WOO HOO!

I’m going to go have a cupcake to celebrate.

Not really.


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