10/21/14 – Accountability

Well, yesterday was not a success…I made some very bad choices in terms of food. The first, and probably silliest, was that I had a bag of Fritos for a snack. At 320 calories, I would’ve been better off eating just about anything. I also didn’t make good decisions at dinner, because I made spaghetti for the family, and it was really, really good…so I had three helpings1

Even though today is an “off day” for my DDP Yoga program, I am going to do some extra cardio to make up for the caloric overload yesterday. This should get me back on track, and make today more of a success than yesterday.

Calorie Diary: 10/20
Budget: 1741
Total Calories22264

As always, thanks for reading!


1. Spaghetti is a huge weakness of mine, along with pizza and chesseburgers.
2. These are gross calories. Lose It provides a method for putting the amount of calories burned during exercise into the calculation, but since my heart rate monitor is broken, I don’t have a reliable method for calculating it…so I’m only tracking calories consumed.


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