DDP Yoga – 10/17/14

I have never been a fan of exercise. Any time I’ve started an exercise program, it’s quickly fallen by the wayside. I find working out boring, and if I can’t get excited about it, I’m not going to do it. For me, the best ways to exercise have always been to do things that I enjoy. I enjoy playing basketball, and I enjoy playing tennis. Unfortunately, you need other people to effectively do both of those things. I also enjoy dancing. I’ve had success in the past with dancing video games such as Dance Dance Revolution1, Dance Central2 and Michael Jackson: The Experience3. Unfortunately, what happens with those games4 is that I find the specific songs I like to dance to and then I get used to it, and it becomes less challenging.

Something else I enjoy is professional wrestling. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, and it is one of my two favorite forms of entertainment, with the other being musical theatre5. During college in the late 90s, my friends and I would gather in the AV room in the library, and we’d have Raw or Nitro6 on the projection screen, and then we’d have a smaller tv with the other show on it, so we could see which had the better match at the moment. I was a huge WCW fan, and one of my favorite wrestlers was Diamond Dallas Page, or DDP.

Because I was a fan, I decided to give his fitness program, DDP Yoga, a shot. I know that I said that I don’t like to work out, and yoga7 hardly seems like it would be my style. But, since my doctor has already told me that it’s pretty much an imperative at this point, I figured that if I also threw in the concept of working out with one of my favorite wrestlers, maybe that would help. So far, it has. I’m on the beginner track, which for now means that I do three days a week, and so far I’ve stuck to the two most basic workouts.8 I do get to add a third routine, “Fat Burner”, this week, so I’m looking forward to that. I like that it allows you to progress, and if you’re familiar with DDP from his previous line of work, then you pretty much know what to expect from him here. He’s pretty much the same guy he was back then. So far, I’m enjoying the program, and I can already feel that it’s helping.

Calorie Diary: 10/17/14
Calorie Budget: 1741
Total calories: 1548

Have a great weekend!


1. With its limited movements, this one got old really quickly, but it was in the days of the PS2.
2. Probably the best series of dance games on the market. I love that it uses the Kinect to track your movements.
3. I’ve been a Michael Jackson fan all my life, and I would probably consider this the best dance game of all time, if I had waited until I got an XBox 360 to get it.
4. I’ve also played the Just Dance series of games as well as a number of one-off dance games like Dance on Broadway
5. These two things are not as disparate as they may appear. There’s actually quite a bit of similarity in terms of structure. Ask me about it sometime.
6. Respectively, the Monday night wrestling shows produced by the (then) WWF and WCW.
7. Plus, it’s not really “yoga.” It’s sort of an adaptation of yoga.
8. The Diamond Dozen, which mainly teaches you the poses, and “Energy!”, which is a twenty minute routine that gets your heart pumping.


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