10/16/14 – Accountability

I’ve started and stopped this entry three times. I don’t have much to write about, and I’m pretty slogged at work this morning. I did end up going over my calorie budget for yesterday…by 11 calories. Part of it was that I stress ate a double cheeseburger yesterday afternoon. Parent/Teacher conferences at my two younger kids’ school was yesterday, and I was stressed about that.1

Stress eating and eating out of boredom are two of my worst food habits. I’ve been able to resist both up until yesterday, and even though I gave in to that stress yesterday, I didn’t let it go overboard like I usually do. Typically, that “meal” would have been two double cheeseburgers, an order of fries and a soda. It would’ve then been followed by a regular dinner. In this case, I ate one double cheeseburger and a glass of tea, and I made the decision later to count that as my dinner, since I knew I was close to my calorie ceiling, if not over. I’m looking at that as a win.

Calorie Diary: 10/16/142
Budget: 1741
Total Calories: 1752


1. For academic, not behavioral, reasons.
2. On yesterday’s calorie diary, I accidentally posted the previous day’s numbers. That has been corrected.


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