10/13/14 – Accountability post

“The problem is “choice”. – Neo; The Matrix Reloaded

In the past when I’ve tried to lose weight, I’ve tended to let my successes get the best of me. I see the results and I start thinking, “okay, I’ve got this.” Unfortunately, that leads to me falling back into old habits. I remember, specifically, the last time that I gave up soda, seeing a little bit of weight loss and thinking “okay, I’m doing pretty good, but I think if I have one soda every once in a while, that’s not going to kill me.” In very quick order, that became two sodas a week, and then a soda a day.1 Then, I was back into my full blown soda addiction.2.

I hear ya, Neo.

Neo has a dilemma.

I’m determined to not let that happen this time out, though. In the past two weeks or so, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how I got to where I am.3 As Neo says to the Architect, “the problem is choice.” In my specific case, the problem is the bad choices that I make when it comes to what I eat and drink. In that vein, I’m more carefully considering the choices that I make. In my case, it’s not saving Trinity vs. saving Zion/humanity, but rather choosing the things that will make me healthier over the things that would bring me the most pleasure. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Oracle manipulating things to be in my favor.4

Calorie Diary:
Budget: 1780
10/13/14: 1409

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


1. I’ve said in the past that I have a problem with moderation. Especially true when it comes to soda.
2. If I come across as making light of addiction, I’m not. I fully believe that I have a soda addiction.
3. By that, I mean, the heaviest I’ve ever been.
4. I know everyone thinks that Neo is the main character of those films, but it’s really the Oracle. She sets up everything. She convinces Trinity that she’s going to fall in love with The One, thus setting up the alternative scenario to the previous “Ones”, wherein he chooses a singular person over the collective humanity. Re-watch them with an eye on how the Oracle is massaging everything…far more interesting that way.


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