Weigh In – 10/13/14

This journey started two weeks ago with my annual physical. I won’t give you all the details, but suffice it to say, my doctor was not happy with my level of health. When they weighed me on their scale I weighed 224 pounds. That is the highest I’ve ever been since I started going to that office 15 years ago when I moved to Colorado. In fact, at my annual physical last year, I was 206 pounds. 18 pounds gained in a year…that’s not good.

I weighed in this morning at home, and according to my scale, I’m down six pounds to 218.

Now, this number does come with a caveat: Different scales. Your standard bathroom scale, which is what I have, isn’t necessarily the most accurate thing in the world, so the absolute proof will be in the next weigh in. But, for now, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. I’ve followed through on the things I said I would do. I still haven’t had any soda since October 1st, I’ve been eating well and making healthy choices, and I’ve been following the DDP Yoga exercise plan.

That’s a pretty successful first two weeks.


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