Weekend of 10/11/14 – Accountability

For me, weekends are harder than weekdays for calorie counting. My wife and I usually treat our kids to fast food for lunch on Saturdays, and we usually go to a sit down restaurant with my in-laws after church on Sundays, and then over to their house for family dinner on Sunday evenings.

Saturday the kids weren’t home, so we decided to ditch McDonald’s1 (our typical choice for Saturday lunch). I decided I wanted Panda Express for lunch, and went on their website to try and plan my meal. My initial idea was to do Shanghai Angus Steak with steamed brown rice. Since I only eat about 1/4 of the rice I get, that would have been about a 325 calorie lunch. Unfortunately, when I got there, I remembered that Shanghai Angus Steak is a premium entree, and has an up-charge. Wanting to save a little money, I instead opted for the broccoli beef. In addition to that, I got there so early that they didn’t have any brown rice ready, so I went with white. I know it’s not as good for me, but it’s still better than french fries, right? The broccoli beef is lower in calories2 than the Shanghai Angus Steak, and has less sugar and sodium…so it turned out alright.

Sunday wasn’t a big deal, because I had a really bad headache in the morning and opted to stay home, so I didn’t end up going to lunch with my family. They did go to Steak ‘n’ Shake, though…which would have made it really hard to be good3. I’m sure I would have done fine, though.

Calorie Diary:
Daily budget: 1780
10/11/14 – 10464
10/12/14 – 14175


1. Yes, I eat McDonald’s. I’ve loved their burgers and fries since I was a kid, and I’ve never lost that love.
2. My total calories for lunch ended up being 235.
3. I love their shakes…especially banana.
4. This is a really low count, but I never really felt hungry during the day, and didn’t feel the need to do any snacking.
5. My father-in-law made pot roast for dinner, which was pretty good, but I limited my portion of beef, and doubled up on carrots and salad. We also had sliced home grown tomatoes, which I had more than my fair share of.


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