Yesterday was a good day.

In addition to starting this blog, I had a really good day in terms of calorie intake and the kinds of food that I ate. I ended up eating about 1430 calories, which is well under my daily calorie budget. For snacks, I was pretty good and had a couple of bananas. Dinner was my biggest win of all, as my wife and I made these delicious chicken breasts in a honey sauce. There were three of them, and between my wife, myself and the three kids, we ate two of them. The old me would’ve eaten the whole last piece…instead, I reached for another helping of the steamed vegetables we had.

In terms of exercise, yesterday was an off day from DDP Yoga. I did start my day with the “Wake Up” routine, but that was it for me and DDP. However, I did start a new “tradition” at work. I’ve recently read a couple of articles1,2 saying that the extended sitting we do in office jobs is really detrimental to our health, but there is an easy way to change those effects. I’ve started walking 5 minutes out of each hour that I’m sitting at my desk.

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day.


1. Peak Fitness.com
2. Express.co.uk


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