Personal Accountability

Welcome to “Send Me on My Weigh”,1 my personal accountability journal.

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly does that mean?” Well, my initial idea was to create a new weight loss blog, since I’ve started trying to make that work again. However, it occurred to me that calling it a weight loss blog was limiting…and short sighted.

Do I want to lose weight? Of course I do. Do I need to lose weight? According to my doctor: yes, I do. I didn’t really need to hear it from him, but I think the frank discussion we had last week was the sort of system shock I needed.

However, more than needing to lose weight, I need to change my lifestyle. I need to change my habits. Obviously recognizing this is the first step. The second step is action.

So far, here are the actions I’ve taken:

First: Completely quit drinking soda. I love soda. It is my favorite beverage. Especially Dr Pepper. However, one of my problems has always been moderation. I’m not good at having just a little of something, so my intake of soda typically exceeds 100 oz a day.

That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I would have a 20 oz. bottle in the morning, a large soda wherever I ate lunch with my friends, plus a refill, so approx. 64 oz. Then, I would typically stop somewhere after work and grab a large soda to drink while I wait for my kids to get out of school, so another 32 oz.2

My inability to moderate is why I need to cut it out altogether. Also, it’s just not very good for you even in small amounts.

Second: I’ve started3 counting calories using the website and app for my phone and tablet.

Third: I’ve started using a program called DDP Yoga, created by one of my favorite professional wrestlers, Diamond Dallas Page. It’s a low impact combination of yoga, calisthenics and isokinetic movements. After a couple of days of doing the beginner routines, I’m starting to feel a difference.

Fourth: I’m trying to get more sleep. As part of my conversation with my doctor, he recommended a sleep study, and I’m still working on getting that scheduled. There’s a probability that I have sleep apnea, and I need to get it taken care of…although losing weight will go a long way toward that.

So, that’s where I’m at. As part of the accountability process, I’ll be posting at the beginning of each day about calorie intake and exercise. I’ll also be posting my weekly (I think) weigh ins.

Have a great day!


1. The name is a reference to the song “Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root, and is courtesy of my friend, Aaron Delay
2. At 100 calories per 8 ounces, that’s approximately 1450 calories I’ve cut out of my daily routine with a simple choice.
3. Actually, this is a re-start, since I’ve done it a few times before in the past.


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