1st Accountability post – 10/8/14

This renewed commitment to changing my lifestyle began last Monday, September 29, when my doctor and I had a come to Jesus meeting about my health. As of that day, I weighed 224 pounds. That’s where I’m starting from, and my short term goal is to lose 24 pounds by the end of the year.

My long term goal is to lose 60 pounds. I don’t quite have a time frame for that, but that would be a good weight for my build and height, and would be the least I’ve weighed since early 1999.

In order to meet my short term goal, Lose It suggests a calorie budget of 1780 calories. Yesterday my intake was 1726, so I squeezed in right under the bar. I also finished my 7th day with absolutely no soda. I drank a lot of water, a lot of iced tea and one cup of milk.

I also did the “Wake Up” routine from DDP Yoga in the morning, and went through the “Diamond Dozen” in the afternoon. The “Wake Up” doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories, but the “Diamnod Dozen” had my heart racing.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day.


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